Namrata Shrestha Theatre Act

Well, it was Gurukul, one of the popular theatres of Nepal, where Namrata shrestha once staged a play named “jal Pari”. But this time Namrata wasn’t there for any plays or any of her Nepali movie promotions, instead she was there for reciting a poem. Sounds weird? Nope, Namrata wants to show she is multi talented by getting herself involved in lot of areas from Movies, modelling, theatres, poetry, to restaurants. Ok this time, let me talk about her interest she has shown in poetry.

Namrata shrestha at gurukul

In a recent event of Gurukul, where people pay to attend the events, Namrata was seen along with some other popular poets. Here the “Attic” restaurant girl made everyone surprised by reciting the poem for them. Reciting the poem of Rajan Mukarung, Namrata expressed her interest in writing poems since childhood. She also said that she loved writing and reading poems in her childhood and was happy to get the opportunity to read out the poem. I guess if she hasn’t been popular model and actor she would have tried her hands in poetry. Isn’t it that everyone does what he/she is interested in?

Namrata, who is busy these days with shooting of movie “Purple days” of Prachanda shrestha, recited some four paragraphs of the poem “jhari Parda” on the day in Gurukul theatre.

Seems Namrata shrestha wants to recover from her Video scandal issues and grow her popularity by indulging herself in several areas. Namrata is the ambassador for beach cricket in Nepal and also runs her own restaurant. Obviously when she is a celebrity, she gets attention in every field she gets her hands into. But is this a good way? Will this maintain her professionalism in her movies work for which she has gained the utmost popularity? Won’t this lead her to being jack of all trades, master of none? It’s up to you to decide. let us know your views by spending some time to leave a comment below.

Written by Pradeep Kumar Singh from NepaliBlogger


  1. Jal Pari was not staged on Gurukul, It was a production of DABALI Theater and was staged on Rastriya Naach Ghar. I still remember the that I had bought a ticket at Nachghar for Jal Pari (Lady from the Sea)

  2. Namrata,
    always remember these words “Servise to man worship to go”.I’m very glad to see your current actievities. Do well in future, my all best wishes with you.So many things i have to say you but not now………take care goodluck.

  3. R.K.Shrestha
    I like this poem, so many many powerful in your interesting poem. thanks you.

  4. dheri har ma auta jit vetencha,dheri asafalata ma auta safalata veyencha, dheri mirtu ma auta jiban vetencha ,jogan najanda mato ma metencho hares nakanu jiban ma chadai khusi vetencha.

  5. Well i know it may be not as good as it sounds like because different places have different preferences and expectations. It is not a thing about your poem being discussed here..its just that i get excited when i see couple of young faces doing good in media and i get very hopeful about that one industry.

    So it’s a great responsibilty of u guys to bring more discipline , more professionalism and creativity…and yes you can!

    Trust me u’ll get paíd!!!! Gud Luck

  6. Really Namrata iz multi talented & I luved the way how she handled downs in her li£e!

  7. Dear Namrata ,
    I’m Nirmal from udaipur, rajasthan. I’ve heard so much about your poems and i want to read these poems. I tried very time to search them through internet but i don’t get any one so please tell me how can i get these poems. . ??
    Thanking You. .