Image Gallery of Namrata Shrestha from her first movie Sano Sansar. Namrata Shrestha was really appreciated for her role in the Movie Sano Sansar and the movie became really successful. Several newspapers in Nepal had good reviews about sano sansar.

Sano Sansar has fostered Nepali movie industry not only by introducing new trend but also by attracting more viewers who are into watching other language movies.

Here’s the gallery of the Movie Sano Sansar that includes Namrata Shrestha. You can click on the thumbnails to view full size.

Please note that all images may not include Namrata Shrestha, as it is overall gallery of the movie Sano Sansar. Let us know what you think through comments regarding the images.


    • i just love this movie…actually i love all movie of namrata di’s. “Di, whatever people talk about u it doesn’t affect to my love for u..i was ur fan, i am ur fan n i will always be ur fan………love u di…just keep going on n keep giving us a nice movie like “sano sansar and mero euta saathi chha “…!

  1. Wow…. .This is realy good Meshage for New generation is not it? Ladies & gentle man. Now we should learn with Namratha Shresta.
    If i am in Nepal definitely learn with Namarath. As soon as i come in Nepal i will contract Namratha because i am also single.


  2. Trust me, she looks better than most of the indian actresses..hope she don’t have to go through that hell again.. wishes 🙂

  3. naste didi mero nam deepak limbu ho. malai tapai ko sabai abhinayaharu man par6 ,tiyo vandda pni mero auta satthi vanne film ma tapaile abhinaya gareko man paryo best of luck…….ani tapailai ke vaara ho tiyo malai pni thaha chhaina hai …tapaile naramro batolai acept garnuvako thiyo… tra malai tiyo kurama ma tapailai naramo sochadina … tesma pani tapai ko kehi badyotaharu hunusak6 ..yasarinai afno vabisyalai ramrari sochera aghi bahaudai janu vayo vane nepali , sansar ko maya tapaile paunu hune6 …. teti khera jhan ma tapai parti ajai dherai khusi hune6u anyway tapai ko gallery vako photos so thanx a lot by takcre la

  4. very good movie.nepal rocks…this is my first nepali movie. what a revolution over nepali movie.NAMRATA u rock…

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