After years, Namrata Shrestha is now set to come back to the big screens with the most expected thriller of 2013 – Chhadke. The movie which will be releasing on February in 2013 is based on the story of Gangsters. Directed by Nigam Shrestha, Starring along with Namrata Shrestha in the movie are Saugat Malla, Arpan Thapa, Dayahang Rai, Prateek Raj Neupane and Sunil Pokhrel. Here are some of the official posters of Chhadke movie featuring Namrata Shrestha.

Chhake Namrata Shrestha poster 1

Chhake Namrata Shrestha poster 3

Chhake Namrata Shrestha poster 2

Chhadke will be the fourth movie of Namrata Shrestha in Nepali Chalchitra industry. Her third movie Miss U didn’t work out well with the audience – one reason why she was ignorant in promoting the movie at all. Namrata’s debut movie Sano Sansar remains biggest hit of her movie career.

Namrata Shrestha in Chhadke Nepali Movie

Chhadke is expected to re-instate Namrata Shrestha to new heights of Nepali Chalchitra!


  1. As evry 1 knws she is the bst actrss amng all….the thng is it wil take crtn tim but she hav 2 be confidnce upn hrslf….

  2. Shrestha’s attitude towards her tape is refreshing, (despite that tape revealing an ill-advised tryst with a married person) especially at a time when so many U.S. and Latin American celebrities feel the need to act shocked and embarrassed even as their careers soar after their involvement in a sex tape. Much of the American public’s reactions to these videos include a healthy dose of skepticism, especially when stars’ sexual exploits are leaked just as they are about to promote a new movie or reality series (we’re looking at you, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian), or when stars refuse to take responsibility for their involvement in a sex tape, a la Noelia, yet continue to discuss them, over and over and over, with the press.

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