Namrata Shrestha Back into Nepali Movies

Namrata Shrestha Back into Nepali Movies There’s a good news for fans of Namrata Shrestha again. She is Coming up with a movie again. Here’s what Latshering Glan writes for cybersansar.

Model actress Namrata Shrestha is working on a movie project on the life story of Ekta Mahat, a former drug addict. Ekta Mahat had become a drug addict at a tender age of 14; she was reformed after many years of addiction. Ekta is now actively involved with organizations working for drug and HIV/AIDS awareness.
The movie project has been initiated by a NGO Trend Nepal; it is being planned to be made as a feature length commercial movie. Prachanda Shrestha is currently working on its script; the highs and lows of Ekta Mahat’s life makes a very compelling movie story. It won’t be made as a serious biographical movie, but will have a stylish edgy presentation with many twists and turns.
Namarta has been meeting Ekta to understand minutely about her and what she went through during her addiction days. Namarata describes this as a very challenging role for her compared to other movies she has done in the past. Namarta also plans to spend time in drug rehabilitation center to identify with the psychology and behavior of drug addicts.


  1. good luck Namrata, I am a big fan of yours. especially after watching sano sansar. Hope to watch mero euta sathi chha..and more movies from you..

    • hi,

      i m ur big fan.when i saw mero euta sathi i dont expect that fellings in that movie,same as well copy right this film frm millioners first love it is better that korean in this film your acting style is very good n come back to film sector to improve the nepalese film,like this day.its doesnt matter to me when i saw ur unknown video coz every person have to do sex,some people want show it for public and some people are hide for plz come on namrata di

    • Hi Namrata I am a big fan of you. I love to watch your film, photo gallery and everything where you were involved. I found you one the best actress in the world. I want to see u again in movie screen. Good to hear that u are coming again with new arrival but I want you to be as popular as you were there before. I love you so much that I cant express. I cant do anything for other than to support and promote you. You are my best actress and will remain in my heart as pure and virgin as you were ever.

  2. i think she is the most competative actress in nepal ………or can say nepali movie ma pailo choti romro deserving and layak ko actress aeko cha…..i m so happy to see her back……what ever da scandal was she did not deserve so……..she should be treated as a princess for her work…..but people had to create an issue……..its her personal choice dude….. leave her alone…….

  3. dear namrata, all the best !!! you have the guts to get up and fight back.i salute have proved that you are not a looser.another great reason to be your fan….always remember to see the morning we have to tolerate the night as well…

  4. dear namrata, all the best!!! you have the guts to get up and fight back.i salute you .you have proved that you are not a looser.another great reason to be your fan.always remember…. to see the morning we have to tolerate the night as well…

  5. hi namrata this is what a energy i was looking for from you. Keep focusing yourself for those things which you gonna face and never turn back to look at your past this is how you gonna make yourself stand out from the entire scenario of scandals.good luck for everything you do.your great wellwisher

  6. hey namrata i'm really very happy for u…..and abt the scandal…..i was really very shoked…!! anyways never mind it happens…!! but i wish u all the best for u'r upcoming film…know wat it sounds great!!! and whoever write nonsense things for her u all r sick…!!! its her life leave her alone damn it…!!!

  7. hi namrata,thats good. i will support u. dont worry.mistake har manchhe bata hunchha tara teslai face garnu nai sabse thulo bahadure hobest of luck for ur bright future. may the god bless u.

  8. As I heard,Remembered a line of poetryThose Unheard Melodies are sweeter!!! Best of your effort, Namrata!!!

  9. Shameless Person, kati saro Gatichada. this is not America this is nepal.People will not accept you now.Bloody Whore!!

    • What do u suggest she should do then. kill her self or something. its a mistake not crime and there is always forgiveness for a mistake.

    • u r very nice person i hope.
      i don’t like you .
      u r very bad girl.
      ya all my friend who is typing comment for her.
      from today don’t type ok

      PuNk NoT dEaD


  10. Pyari Nammrata Ji,
    Ma tapai ko sarai thulo fan hu. Tapai ko video ma tapai ko kaam sarai ramro lagyo. Bhawishya ma pani yestai video haru feri feri heri rakhna paam. Please keep up the good work. I really want to see MORE of you(though I’ve seen ALL of you).
    Yours Sincerely

  11. hi namrata among thousands of fan i am one of them.there are some people who don’t support but please don’t about them and their comment bcoz there are lots of people who love u.
    good luck

  12. malai tapaiko himmat dekher akdam khusi lagyo.keti haru le auta bhul bat life kher pathaune kam hune yo world ma tapai le jun sahas le life ma agadi badi rahanu bhako chha tyo kura hami sabai lai maan paryo.pachhi pani tapai ko bato naramro word boler drepress banaune manchhey haru dherai auchha tara yo sabai sanga tapai ladnu parchha.but tapai ko life ma yeti change lyne manchhey lai sajolai chodnu chahi hudaina hai u should be punish him…………….

  13. मलाई त नमता जी मन परेन.तेस्तो मान्छे पनि कहिँ क्रिच्केट को सद्वाभाना राजदूत हुन्छ कहिँ.मलाई त त्य्हे विदेओ को याद आउछ.मज को छ videoo

  14. Hi Namarata,
    welcome back and all the are very very nice and daring girl.don’t ashamed about the tape…….
    keep it up.

  15. hi namrata ji tapai 1uta keti bhayra pani tapai ko himmat dekhera ra malai khusi lago ra bholi ko dinma pani tapai kasai shanga najhuknu ra malai thaha6 tapai jhuknu pani hudaina but tapaiko to hal banaune lai ma dhukka shanga bachana dinna all tha best namrata

  16. it’s a very good i pray a god for your carrer to be success in every second. every hour. every day , evey moment at anywhere………god bless you…..
    ALL THE BEST ….be always happy ‘cool &smile…

  17. just a sigle scandle,that happens in human being in teenage. everybody involve with their beloved. that’s not a great problem. but, the technology made it challenging and problematic. it is better to feel free from that matter and forward your carrier in the film industry
    all the best

  18. hi my dear namrata !
    i miss you and love you jaha je vaye ta pani ramro gari afno sansar ma sarba sulav tarikale jiban yapan garirahe ko hunale malai garva lagchha mero dear. ra yo tapai le garnu vaye ko bastabik pani ho ahile hamro des ma chalirahe ko pani chha thik ho ma pani condom layera matra garchhu aba dekhi

  19. Hi namrata di how are you.hope fine hoina ta.m proud of u,auta nepali nari vayera tapai ko himmat ani shahas lai dekhera khusio lagyo.ani aba ko din haru ma tapai ko sabai bane ka echya aakancha pura hosh kamana garddachu.

  20. hi namrata whats up?
    im great dying fan of u.if u can read me plz email in my id.any way wish u good luck for ur comming film.

  21. Hi namrata,
    being of great fan…
    good to hear u r back into movies ….
    its the more power to women…..

  22. Hello Namrataji,

    eventhough i havnt seen your any one of films, but i always like your attitude towards film industry and you had shown remarkable acting in nepali cinema and gave it a new wave. I will see all your movies asap, welcome to movies again and keep it on. Best of luck…

  23. Hi नमता जी jo tapali lai na chhena theya tee sabai ka mobial ma tapainko amulla avihanya herdha holan best of luck tray to or more make video

  24. namrata j hai my name sunil karki my house kathamanu bashundhara ra malai sunako thai k bhanu bujanu bhayo hola mistake bhanako sabai man bata huncha tapi bata pani ghaldai bhaicha6 tera tenson leyo bhani kai faida chaina malai bhanjo aj tapi webisita kholako ba teasko samasaya ta kai hudina ab bhanko afu lai samalanu hajru pani mami baba lai samjanu mami baba ko socha6 bhanako chora chori ramra hun bhani huncha6 ra ghaldai kalai nagharanu bhani huncha6 tapi lai malai samjani ta kuni hak thaina tai pani auta nepali ra sathai ko nata la samjako mancha ko man bhanako sabai ko autai huna ra tapai lai katai la ramro samjaka chana bhani katai lai naramro bhanakachan huna auta kati mancha bhai saki pachai asto bela afu lai samalana sakadinan ra namrata j samlunu afu lai huna ta ma np chaina bhaira chu6 huna tapi la afu la janara bhananu bhayo ya na ghani to ta mali tha chaina ya ta tapi ko ra kata ko marjali ya tapi la fasako cha6 i dont no hajru ko ghaldai chaina bhani god la sath dinchan6 ra namrata j sathai samjanu bhayo bhani mero email [email protected] arko [email protected]. mero number+966501857594 ak dui sabada lakchanu mero office ko kam 3 month pachai i will so back of np afanu khalak rakchanu samjanu bhayo bhai bhtunala ok by tack care

  25. hello namarta j nmaskar how are you?namrata j arui l j bhani pani tesama tenson nalinu afano famlay sath ma chan bhani bhayo ra namrata j afu lai samalanu ra ani hajru la 12 ota massaje pathanu bhayo bhani ma dhari kusi huni chu6 namrataj

  26. katakata namajja vayako chha,pohor saalko testo kamle,galti vayara pani himmat nahareko ma khusi lageko chha.

  27. whatever u r facing now a days…its reality…just face every thing and run……
    its like a wave of sea..and a rock at the beach…..which used to fight for their reality…

    be a role model….

  28. Hello Namrata G jun na hunu thiyo tiyo bhai halyo tesheike yo kuralai liAra narbhas nahunu kina ki galti timro hoina galti ta Uso ho jasle timi lai apaman garyo.

  29. Hi Namrata,
    This is Samir , well to be honest i haven’t watched any of your films yet, first time i saw u i mean ur pic was the day before,,ur kinda cute,and i guess u r a gr8 actor,,
    gud luck for ur upcoming films,,and hey if possible then plz do send me ur cell phone number to [email protected]

    May lord Jesus bless you!!!

  30. hi namarata well com back to nepali film kiaki tapainjasto actor ko nepal ma khacho6 so je jasto bhayo ra je b hako thiyo tyo sabaikuralai bhulera aba naya soch ani naya bichaar ma hidnupar6 ra tapainjasto talante ledy hamro samaj lai abasekta6
    so best’of lock hai hamiharuko jailepani tapanlao saath6 dhukka hunush hai jiban ,,,,,,,,,,,,,DOHA,,,,,,,,,QATAR

  31. hi namrata…..
    kasaile ramro bhannale ani kasaile naramro bhannalana.. tara timi aapno bato baat kahilya pani bichalit nahunu… yo samajle kahile po dukhama parda satha diyako 6 ra!! tesaile arule k bhan6 tesko matlab nagarnu… zindagi lai aba ek new tarika baat star garnu…ani malai thaha 6..timi saphal ani hune 6u… timi lai mero shubha- kaman…….

  32. Namrata i watch your movies and u acted very well!! congratulation for that! and i also hear some badthing happen to you. but that nothing love and ..are the part of life every Hollywood actors have same story. focus on our work. your the supper star …………..

  33. Dear mam,
    Firstly would like to appreciate your interest on Drug related movie….this issue Drug and Drug User its very deep and dark side of every individual who use drugs and their families.

    In every film there we can see just 1 or 2 twists…but in drug users life…every day there encountered 100 of twists….which can kick off every ones mind…thts why just one request…
    plz dont kill human rights….on the name of drug users…
    Saarathi Nepal
    Social Support Unit
    Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program

  34. Listen all of you a…. for those who are commenting too much on someone’s personal life. Leave her alone. Imagine if your sister, mother or beloved ones’s picture or video or image is laked in the net without their knowledge, what are you gonna do? U will condemn them to death as well? Definitely u won’t or u can’t. Just ask with yourself, how many of u assholes have done premarital or extramarital sex? If that is leaked in the internet, whole of the internet traffic will be filled with your filthy pictures. Who the hell are you to judge about someone’s life or behavior? Only the Bhagwan (who is only one according to Rigveda) Or Allah Or God or the Creator has the right to judge. “Yo kam chanchune tuchha manusya ko lagi hoina”. So, she is not hungry or thirsty for your artificial supporting statements nor she deserves the negative criticism from you. Just let her live….. she will find a way to survive. Every human has this inbuilt capacity.

  35. Hi, Namrata I’m also a great fan of yours, whatever happened in the past just stay strong and keep on doing what u r best on. I’m so proud that you r giving us good movies to watch. on wards and up wards namu. keep urself healthy and takecare. Blessings!

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