Namrata Shrestha model 3

Of course you know it; Namrata Shrestha is the Goodwill Ambassador for Beach Cricket Festival in Nepal. Beach Cricket Festival is an event intended to promote tourism in country and was organised by Shangri-La Cricket Academy

“I am very excited to be the Goodwill Ambassador for Beach Cricket Festival. This is one of a kind and a creative event. I am sure during this; the youths will get an opportunity to both enjoy and learn,” says Namrata Shrestha.”

Well, here we bring you the image gallery of Namrata Shrestha attending press meet organized by Shangrila-la Cricket Academy at Bakery café Pulchowk on Wednesday, February 24, 2010.

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  1. Beach Cricket Festival kasto lagyo ta shrestha jee.
    gallery harda ta nikai ramaelo jasto dakhin chha.

  2. Hi Namrata sis!….. i am your big fan… i like your acting style…… u r soo beautiful…..

  3. please come back to napali film industry! sok lai shakti ma badalnu parchha kya,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  4. Namrata dijju tapaiko arko video kaile sarbajanik huncha. Ma ta arko video ko pratikcyha ma chu.

  5. hi sis namaste
    sis i m your big fan ho ani
    hajur lai jun aaja yasto sex video ko aarop lagajo 6
    taslai hajur jasto man6a ko baijet gara ra tyo ma6a dj tantrik la k payo ra ?
    j jasto bhaya pani aafnu kamlai aaghee badaunu hos ani aaju hajur jasto actor ko yo nepal ma dhari khacho 6 tasaila hajur phari film khalnu par6.

  6. you are symbol of beautiful ……
    .which not to touch
    which decorate for in heart.
    i am not your praise
    but this is universal truth.
    all people know that .
    you really beautiful………which is not any limit…………

  7. I wish we had beach cricket but baseball is so popular in America that hardly anyone understands the rules of the noble game.

    with such an ambassador as this … who knows

  8. I got ur acting really natural in the movie SANO SANSAR and Mero Euta Sathi Cha. We want more from u. SO come back to Nepali film industry. Really u r supb and u did good job in those movies. We hope we can soon get ur next movie with very excellent job as well. God bless u.